Für Hope hat Westwerk die innovative Serviceplattform European Service Centre entwickelt, die den Serviceprozess komplett digitalisiert.

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Hochwertige Fahrradteile in lokaler Reparatur — europaweit
Hope Technology ist einer der weltweit führenden Hersteller von hochwertigen Fahrradkomponenten, die im eigenen Werk in Barnoldswick Fahrradteile entwickeln, testen und herstellen. Das European Service Centre bündelt die Reparatur- und Serviceleistungen und bearbeitet Garantie- und Reparaturfälle. Westwerk hat die entsprechende Serviceplattform konzipiert und implementiert.

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Challenge, solution and result

Our challenge was to digitize the entire repair process while showcasing Hope's high-end bike parts in an exciting way to create an efficient yet appealing solution for Hope customers. The repair request, which previously had to be sent along with the bike parts in the form of an analog printed form, was brought into the digital age. The aim here was not only to save paper, but also to ensure that the entire process is as simple as possible for the end customer. Westwerk has developed an innovative digital service platform that drastically simplifies the submission process for repairs using a digital form. The digitalization of the process not only enables efficient handling, but also contributes to an environmentally friendly approach. The customer receives automated updates by email during the repair process. The minimalist design of the website, accompanied by intuitive icons and a well-placed FAQ, ensures smooth navigation and is highly user-friendly. The technical look of the platform was deliberately chosen to showcase Hope's high-end bicycle parts in the best possible way. Westwerk is proud to have helped ensure a smooth and timely repair process for Hope and its customers.

The service platform impressively showcases Hope's high-quality bicycle parts.

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