We developed a corporate design including website conception and programming for the subsidiary of the logistics company LPR.

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Whoever says A must also say PI

As a young, independent company that emerged from LPR, LPR IT Solutions focuses on accompanying companies into the digitalized future. With a strong background in the logistics industry, the team combines technical expertise with strong communication skills, flexibility and creativity. Services include process optimization, silo consolidation, API interface development and much more. With the aim of making complex systems understandable and user-friendly, LPR IT Solutions is on a mission to make IT tangible for everyone.

Used tools

Adobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopKirbySketch

Based on the look of software editors, we have created a corporate design that is noticeable in color. Cheeky illustrations provide a little wink.

Challenge, solution and result

Our main task was to create a corporate identity that the LPR IT Solutions team could identify with and that clearly communicated the essence of the company to customers and partners. This included the design of a logo that both shows the relationship to the parent company LPR and emphasizes the independence of LPR IT Solutions. Inspired by the visuals in software editors, we incorporated graphic elements from the program code, including a color scheme that references syntax highlighting, a monospace font and dot design elements that symbolize the binary system. The corporate design also included the development of a tonality for text as well as the creation of all website content and photography of the LPR IT Solutions team and their offices. The project was successfully completed and the new website successfully launched. Both the LPR IT Solutions team and those responsible at the parent company LPR expressed their satisfaction with the end result.

The new tonality and color scheme of the design enable visual differentiation. The LPR affiliation becomes visible with the help of the logo.

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