Our Log+Key product is revolutionizing the analogue processes of many industries as a digital key management system.

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No more key mess.

In a world where digitalization and efficiency take center stage, we developed Log+Key to help companies revolutionize their key management. Our motivation was to simplify and optimize the traditional and often tedious analogue process of key management. With our Log+Key platform, companies can easily manage keys. Log+Key can be operated from any computer or smartphone, offering maximum flexibility. For companies that prefer physical interaction, the Log+Key terminal is available. The true potential is unlocked by NFC tags. These tags can be easily attached to a bunch of keys and enable quick scanning and documentation of withdrawals and returns. Log+Key is not just a key management platform; it is a solution that aims to improve the workflow of organizations while ensuring security and efficiency.

Used tools

TailwindTypescriptVue.jsAdobe After EffectsFigmaKeycloakNestJSPrimeVue

Log+Key provides information on all key movements at a glance with the help of a clear UI.

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